Alcohol & Fat Loss

Alcohol & Fat Loss

Any nutrient you consume that is a source of calories must be considered in a fitness nutrition plan. Alcohol contains calories, changes the metabolism of nutrients and alters hormones that effect body composition transformation. A couple of drinks can quickly take you out of a burning mode and into a fat storing mode.

Many heavy drinkers often wonder how they could be doing everything right in the gym and kitchen and still not lose any fat. Below is the answer:

1. Alcohol contains calories, almost as many as fat. While fat has nutritional value, alcohol has none. They are empty calories-7 per gram.

2. Alcohol shuts down fat burning in your body. Since alcohol is essential a poison in your system, your body does everything it can to eliminate it. And if you eat while you’re drinking those food calories are much more likely to be stored as body fat than at other times.

3. Alcohol makes you more prone to cheating and binging.
Hoe many times have you finished off a night of heavy drinking by gorging on chips or cookies or fries ? Or how many times have you started the next morning with junk food? There is a reason it is called hangover good.

I’ll be honest. I like to drink from time to time. I like the occasional celebratory drink with friends. However I don’t delude myself into thinking I’m doing something healthy. In fact I know a night of drinking takes me further away from my health and fitness goals.

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