Cheat Meal in Real World

Cheat Meal in Real World

Having a schedule cheat meal makes the diet more sustainable for the long term.
Any person can be highly motivated at the beginning of a diet phase and say they are sticking to the plan 100%of the time.

This may last for a few weeks (or days), but then the grind and the monotony of the diet takes over. Cravings and hunger becomes more intense. Maybe a night out with friends has them starting “X” food right in the face. What happens? “Oh, I’ll have It tonight and start over again tomorrow.”

What happens for a lot of people is that whenever temptation comes up, the person continually blows it and “ starts over again tomorrow”. They are continually stopping and starting over again with no real consistent adherence to a structured plan and no real results to show for it.

Of course the reality is most people never really get started, because the overall plan is unrealistic.

Planned cheat meals makes most diet plan more realistic and sustainable and prevent the starting over again cycle. If you know you can eat whatever you want on Saturday night, it makes infinitely more likely that when Wednesday night comes around after a long, hard day of work and you are having a craving for something. You can resist and stay on track. It is easier to toughen up and say “ I’ll just wait for Saturday”

It also makes the diet plan more functional in terms of socializing and living a balanced life in the real world. No one want to live like a hermit, never be able to be away from their kitchen, never be able to enjoy a night out on the town with family or friends, just for six pack abs. Cheat meal allows you to be “normal” once a week, or maybe twice if you are already really lean.

Of course the key is to get right back on track the next day. No prolonging or extending. It’s Saturday night and you’re done with it. No waking up Sunday morning and saying “ well, I want this now” Then it is no longer a cheat meal. It is your lifestyle.

If you are good all week, you are not going to get fat in one cheat meal. It is not possible.

The problem becomes when you have little cheats and treats every day. Again, at that point, that’s not cheating, it’s your regular plan. Little deviations every day consistently pull you out of the fat burning mode.

You need to be on your plan the majority of the time and then, when Saturday night comes around, you get the psychological break you need.

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