16 December 2016

Throw out your scale !

Using caloric restriction to achieve weight loss is exactly why most are frustrated with their physique and fed up with dieting in the first place. If […]
16 December 2016

Sugar or Happiness

If you love eating sugar more than you love being lean, happy, healthy, and disease free, then that’s the decision you’ll have to live with. If […]
16 December 2016

Carbohydrates are good or bad?

Carbohydrates are the most misunderstood nutrient In FAT loss nutrition. They are not inherently good or bad, as some would imply. It really just depends on […]
16 December 2016

Why we cheat at night?

Many people are not hungry during the day when they are busy, active and stressed. It is very easy for them to cut calories or eat […]
16 December 2016

Cheat Meal in Real World

Having a schedule cheat meal makes the diet more sustainable for the long term. Any person can be highly motivated at the beginning of a diet […]
18 December 2016

Choose quality over quantity

The food quality today is nothing like the food of 100 years ago, and definitely nothing like the food of 1000 years ago. In fact, our […]
18 December 2016

Alcohol & Fat Loss

Any nutrient you consume that is a source of calories must be considered in a fitness nutrition plan. Alcohol contains calories, changes the metabolism of nutrients […]
23 February 2017

From Average to Powerlifting GB Champion !

I first met Val in my Wednesday Kettlebells class where I instantly noticed the difference between her and the rest of the group. Val was strong […]
14 July 2017

Story by Val Swaine – How the gym can change your life!

I returned to Bradford in 2014 after living in France for 7 years. During the last few years in France I had started jogging after wanting […]