Sugar or Happiness

Sugar or Happiness

If you love eating sugar more than you love being lean, happy, healthy, and disease free, then that’s the decision you’ll have to live with. If you’d rather be around for your grandchildren’s children with an able body and clear mind, Is your choice.

We should not be eating junk food and starchy carbohydrates everyday, just like we shouldn’t be shopping and blowing our life savings every day.

In order to succeed, you need to understand that certain foods are a treat, and should be considered a reward for a great week of following the plan. That’s is, if you want to reach your goals?

It’s no different than being on a budget during the week and rewarding yourself with dinner out on Saturday. On my meal plans I’ve give you the ability to eat 7 cakes one day a week, but if you eat 1 cake seven days a week, you will fail. That’s the principle for getting to where you desire, whether that’s getting rid of debt or getting rid of body fat.

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