Throw out your scale !

Throw out your scale !

Using caloric restriction to achieve weight loss is exactly why most are frustrated with their physique and fed up with dieting in the first place. If you’re going to take this fat loss war seriously, the first step is throwing your scale in the garbage.

Don’t go near it, don’t step on it, don’t use your friend’s.

Throw it out because you’ll never need it again.

Those who weight themselves will mess with their mental psyche throughout the fat loss war. Especially during the first 3 weeks. Weight does not provide an accurate picture of your body composition.

The reality is, no one approaches you in public or at a party and says “What do you weight?”

The goal is fat loss not weight loss. The more metabolically active muscle you maintain, the more fat loss you will experience and continue to enjoy moving forward.

Here’s what I suggest:
1. Take a photo of Yourself. One picture from the front, one from the back, and one from side.
2. Measure your waist to hip ratio and compare the results every 2-3 weeks.

Whatever you decide, as long as your scale is in the trash, you will be happy.

Coach Mike

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