Why we cheat at night?

Why we cheat at night?

Many people are not hungry during the day when they are busy, active and stressed. It is very easy for them to cut calories or eat light during this time.

Large meals during the day are often counterproductive for the busy professional. For example large lunch can result in rebound hypoglycemia, leaving a person feeling sleepy, tired, lethargic, unproductive, unable to focus, dependent on stimulants, etc. a few hours later ( mid-afternoon “crash”)

Most people are hungriest at night. The evening is a period of relaxation and recovery, and physiologically we crave food at night to repair and restock energy reserves.

Over 95% of people’s cheating on sub-optimal foods comes at night. When restricting calories, they are good and “eat clean” during the day, but willpower breaks down at night.

If they do cheat during the day, the still overeat at night (or cheat even more at night) because it is our natural inclination to eat more at night.

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