We’ve been into sports since my earliest childhood. Our main priority in life is coaching personal training sessions and trying to focus on offering the right exercises for you. Let us take responsibility for your progress!



Do you want a beautiful, healthy body? Often the only thing that stands in the way of your goal is the decision and the consistent pursuit of it. Take a step in the right direction! Our team of experts will ensure that you achieve your goal.


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  • Marie Chipp
    Mike is always there to answer questions and give guidance, he’s been amazing and I look forward to all of our sessions.
    Marie Chipp
  • Amy Newman
    Best PT I've had...I do exercises I wouldn't have the confidence to do alone and he pushes you further then you'd go alone
    Amy Newman
  • Steven
    He is dedicated to helping people better themselves. He's not just personal trainer but a good friend also.
  • Katie Holmes
    Mike will always put a positive spin on things... He will push you to achieve your goals without hurting or breaking you. Very talented and knows his stuff!
    Katie Holmes
  • Aman Athwal
    By now I would have quit for the millionth time... I’ve had a few health setbacks whilst training with Mike but every time Mike has taken his time to research to get me best possible results and to motivate me.
    Aman Athwal
  • Sarah-Jane
    Mike is an expert, highly professional and hardcore! Just what you need for a PT. I wouldn't recommend anyone else.
  • Marcus
    He has completely moulded me into a new way of life... I've gained heaps of confidence lost over 12kgs of weight and am 10x stronger than when I started!
  • Michael
    Never found any to be as informative, knowledgeable and dedicated as Mike... he strives to understand and help you to overcome any issues.
  • Mick
    Been training with Mike for 5 months, the results are tremendous. My body shape has changed and I have lost 20kg!
  • Rebecca
    Highly recommended. Mike is a very knowledgeable young man, I completely trust him with my training, he works tirelessly for his clients and wants the very best for them. I would recommend to anyone looking for a trainer regardless of sex or age. He will bring out the best in you...
  • Val Swaine
    Mike changed my life. He gives me the confidence and skills to improve my strength and guides me every step of the way. Mike works very hard to give to get the best from his students.
    Val Swaine
  • Lorraine
    What Mike doesn't know isn't worth knowing. A friendly guy that genuinely wants to help you achieve your goals (and with great results). Can't recommend highly enough
  • Barbara
    Mike - trainer with passion and knowledge! He can be harsh, but this is his job to guide, to be objective and honest, so you will achieve your goals. Highly recommended
  • Tim
    I really enjoyed working with him, he has a great knowledge for training.
  • Val Swain
    To summarise, working with Mike as my PT has changed my life. He gives me the confidence and skills to improve my strength and guides me every step of the way. Mike believes in people and understands the challenges because he has done it all himself. I look forward to our training sessions and classes, it's also great fun!
    Val Swain
  • Naz
    Mike used a holistic approach with me... something that has never been done before. He has been absolutely amazing and helped me get my life back. I feel like me again.
  • Val Swain

    I had already been going to the classes at the gym for about 18 months and Mike had taken some of the classes and I was impressed by his teaching. As well as the classes I had also tried to use the various weight machines in the gym but I didn't really know what I was doing. At the beginning of this year I wanted to try something new in order to progress further. I decided to try a Personal Trainer and I chose Mike because I knew he was very keen on teaching the correct training technique, something he always focussed on in the classes. He also had the background knowledge and experience in fitness and strength that I was looking for.

    I wasn't sure initially if PT was for me because I liked the class environment, exercising with other people. However, I soon became engrossed in the personal challenges that Mike set me every week and my confidence in the gym improved. Mike also introduced classes so there is still the great feeling of seeing others improve and everyone helping and encouraging each other. My other concern in the gym was around how to keep my motivation going. This has never been a problem with Mike as he provides a specific programme designed to introduce new personal challenges. There is always something to work towards which also provides a measure of performance which is important to me.

    My goals at the start of the programme were to improve my strength, techniques and general body shape. I had no idea what I was capable of strength wise as I had very little experience of lifting any weight apart from a barbell in the general classes. I feel that I have made great progress in a short space of time using the programmes that Mike sets me on a weekly basis. I have recently competed in a Powerlifting competition (Mike's idea)! I was able to enter the squat, bench press and deadlift categories which I had never attempted until 5 months ago! Now I'm hooked!

    To summarise, working with Mike as my PT has changed my life. He gives me the confidence and skills to improve my strength and guides me every step of the way. Mike believes in people and understands the challenges because he has done it all himself. I look forward to our training sessions and classes, it's also great fun!

    Val Swain
  • Shahnez Khan

    Mike's main training method is weightlifting and I did lack confidence initially but Mike's approach is very structured & tailored and he made sure I had the basics right before embarking on any strength and conditioning programmes.
Once I did start the training it was very effective and I saw results pretty quickly.
My aims were to lose body fat and tone up, my main focus being my stomach and arms. I also wanted to drop dress sizes.
Not only did I achieve all of the above but I have become stronger as well which has helped in other aspects of my training and fitness.

Mike also provides excellent nutritional advice to complement the training.  He is very knowledgable and he is focused  and passionate about what he does. His results reflect his drive and commitment to every client.

    Shahnez Khan
  • Łukasz
    The best PT! Helpful and friendly. He got huge knowledge and know exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals. The effects of our hard work and self-denials have been achieved in such a short period of time. I recommend it to everyone who wants results not promises.
  • Jane
    Mike is without a doubt a top class trainer. Mike has changed my life and I am achieving things I never thought possible! Here's to the future!
  • Rebecca Tanner

    I got to know about Maciek by accident/ while glancing through Facebook. We got in touch in a flash – the only thing I did was to send him a message and the reply came within minutes. Before I met him I’d tried dozens of magic diets but none of them worked. I tried to work out at home – but I lost motivation with everything. When I made a decision to cooperate with Maciek I was afraid of another failure. I thought I wouldn’t make it, that I’m not strong enough, and what’s more I wasn’t sure whether a personal trainer would help me.

    Fortunately, Maciek resolved my doubts during our first talk and then I was determined and ready for changes. First trainings were truly hard and demanding, and although there lots of thoughts crossing my mind telling me that I would survive – You’ve always managed to motivate me ! Motivation you give as well as professional knowledge you had equipped me with just before we started trainings is priceless. At the very beginning my only goal was to lose some kilos, which in my case wasn’t an easy thing to do. Now I’m also focused on healthy life style, nutrition and improving myself. My aim ? Well, definitely not to give up, fight for better shape, and as befits the woman, the biggest dream is to go to a clothes shop and to fit in the size from previous years.

    I’m definitely becoming stronger and stronger during my training sessions and what’s more important, my self-motivation and faith in progress is bigger. Together, we’ve managed to get rid of several unneeded kilos. Thanks to you, I’ve learnt how to combine products and meals properly – and I’m still learning it ! When I look at myself I see a lot of progress and I’m sure that I’ve taken the right path. Thanks to hard training sessions and your motivational words I’ve learnt that everything is possible if you really want it. I don’t regret starting my cooperation with Maciek and now I see that my life is changing for….better. Maciek, I’m so glad we’ve met and started working out.

    Rebecca Tanner
  • Naz

    After I had my son 6 years ago I piled on a lot of weight. I decided to join the gym and after 8 months of starving myself and hard work on the treadmill, exercise bike and classes I did not even lose 1lb. I was so disappointed I gave up accepting that I was never going to lose weight.

    3 years ago I went back to university and was confined to the sofa doing my assignments and comfort eating, so piled a bit more weight on. I also started having recurrent chest infections because of smoking and decided to quit...this led to putting on further weight. At this point I was having to buy even looser clothes. I was losing my confidence and hated looking in the mirror or at party pictures. I decided that I would try the gym one more time hoping that I would lose some weight this time. After checking on the internet I found pure gym was closest to my house so decided to pay a visit. I was quite nervous...and when I got there I realised I needed to be registered to be able to enter the gym with a pin. As I was hovering near the door, Mike approached me and asked if I was okay. I told him that I was wanting to join the gym and want to see the facilities.

    Mike showed me around and asked what I wanted to achieve. I told him about the past and he offered a free session to help me with a plan. I thought this guy is trying to make money from me so he's going to try selling his sessions to me. To be honest I did want some expert advice from him and thought I could do with some help the first couple of weeks. I told him I wanted to see him for 4 weeks and then I'll be ok on my own and he wasn't pushy in any way and said that's okay. Mike used a holistic approach with me...something that has never been done before. He made me have blood tests to check for any deficiencies, he set me a diet plan which meant I was eating more rather than starving myself and he taught me a mixture of cardio and strength training techniques and exercise plans.

    Initially I was a bit worried and nervous. What if I started looking like a man doing weights? What if people look at me in the gym? What if Mike thinks I'm stupid if I can't do the training? All of these thoughts soon went out of the window when Mike explained to me how the training works. Mike was very professional and motivating throughout the sessions and always made me feel comfortable and proud of my achievements. I looked forward to learning something new each week and enjoyed it so much that I didn't stop to think about my goals.

    The 4 week journey turned into a 6 month journey. From size 14 I came down to a size 8. The needle on the scale started coming down. I started looking lean, people started complimenting me and noticing that I lost weight. From hiding in the corner at the gym I can now confidently go to the men's section and train. My whole life has changed. Mike taught me a whole new way of life!

    From Mike I've learnt where I have gone wrong in the past. I know exactly what I need to do if I slip up again. Other women who joined the gym before me and have been unsuccessful have seen the difference in me and also decided to train with Mike. He has been absolutely amazing and help me get my life back. I feel like me again. Thank you Mike!

  • Małgorzata

    I met Mike thanks to my close friend, and at the beginning the only doubt I had then was if it was worth a try having a go. There are so many inexperienced trainers who have no knowledge about the stuff they do. Just after our first talk with Maciek I already knew that sport is his real passion and that Mike has a wide knowledge which he expands all the time. My main goal was to create and learn healthy habits both with food I prepare and activities I do at the gym. What’s more, I wanted to improve myself and shape my body. Thanks to cooperation with Mike, I’ve change my nutrition plan and I started to take care about my health.

    Result? Well, my body started to get into shape. I think that Mike is a truly professional trainer and he expands his knowledge on the topics he deals with. Mike is not only a person who keeps motivating but also a patient guy who knows how to put up with my moaning and groaning. He knows what to do and he knows how to get his knowledge across. He is really devoted/engaged and you can always text him any time, knowing he’ll text back within minutes. Mike is really open-minded and it’s hard not to like him as a person. Thanks Mike!



Let us take responsibility for your progress, We can give you all of that. We are a personal trainers who emphasizes on the professionalism of our services so that you can understand the reason why this particular path has been chosen, where it will lead you and what the final outcome will be.


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